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EZ Workforce provides recruitment services for businesses seeking to fill permanent positions within their organizations. In today’s changing business environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find top talent. The search for the right candidate can be a time consuming, costly and frustrating process.

Let our team take care of the entire recruitment process from start to finish. We ensure you only receive candidate packages of those who meet or exceed your requirements and fit your corporate culture.


  • 1. Evaluate Needs
  • 2. Develop Job Description

  • 3. Strategic Job Position Advertisement

  • 4. Applicant Review and Shortlist

  • 5. EZ Interviews and Evaluates

  • 6. Receive Candidate Profile Packages

  • 7. Client Interviews and Evaluates

  • 8. Reference and Background Checks
  • 9. Client Selects Hire
  • 10. Follow Up & Evaluation


  • We handle the entire EZ recruitment process from start to finish.
  • Broaden the capacity of your search in addition to your organization’s internal recruitment activities.
  • Ability to run a confidential recruitment search on your firm’s behalf 

  • Save a significant amount of time and financial resources allowing you to focus on day to day business activities

  • Simplify the hiring process by only having to interview qualified candidates that meet your minimum requirements
  • One time hiring fee
  • The EZ client satisfaction guarantee